Melchior Textil GmbH

Tried-and-tested quality strategy grows in weight

In mid-2013 Melchior Textil extended its collection to include heavier qualities of up to 300 grams per square metre

Wangen, September 2013: Melchior Textil has extended its existing fabric programme for the workwear industry to include heavier weight categories. In doing so, the company is responding to surge in demand by the ready-to-wear clothing industry for uni fabrics in this segment.

Melchior Textil has established itself as a flexible and reliable supplier of workwear fabrics in light and medium-weight qualities. The special service based on a high level of merchandise quality and quick delivery times enables the ready-to-wear clothing industry to react speedily to a changing market environment. The industry rewarded the company for its high level of reliability by additionally calling for uni fabrics to be produced in higher weight classes. Accordingly, in mid-2013 Melchior Textil extended its collection permanently available in its storage facilities to include heavier qualities of up to 300 grams per square metre. The collection therefore holds solutions in store for a complete workwear outfit: light-weight coloured and uni fabrics for blouses and shirts, materials with a weight of around 230 g/m² for tops and pants for indoor use and the denser variety for jackets and trousers worn outside.

Customers find successful model compelling

Managing Director Manfred Seeber attributes the company’s success to changed market needs that Melchior Textil does justice to by virtue of its quality and service policy. “The time intervals at which workwear collections are presented have become increasingly shorter. At the same time, the demand for individually produced corporate fashion articles has increased. A speedy response and high flexibility have become key attributes for makers of ready-to-wear work clothing. However, to implement these, the industry segment needs suppliers who follow the same objective.” Melchior Textil has delivered proof of its efficiency and performance with large merchandise volumes in storage, flexible requisition quantities, quick delivery times and professionally suitable, top-quality products. In response to numerous customer requests, the company has now extended its successful model to include the new, heavier merchandise qualities.