Dreumex B.V.

Ultra Power Wipes: clean without water

Dreumex Ultra Power Wipes

Dreumex is introducing a hand cleansing product that is ideal for cleaning hands and tools when water is unavailable: Dreumex Ultra Power Wipes. The compact packaging is convenient to carry and easy to click open and shut – keeping the wipes nice and moist. This makes the product extremely practical in the building sector and at mobile workplaces. And if the wipes dry out, they can be easily reactivated with water.

The super-strong wipes have a scrubbing side that can be used to remove substances such as dirt, grease, oil, paint, tar and ink. They also contain a solvent-free solution that prevents hands from drying out. And if the user forgets to shut the pack, the towels can simply be reactivated by adding a little water. Ultra Power Wipes are the only wipes on the worldwide market with this innovative feature.

Proven track record

The wipes already have a proven track record on the American market. Jan-Chris Heeger, CEO of Dreumex, explains: "This is due to the fact that the wipes are practical, highly effective and also long lasting. We all know that resealing a canister of wipes is not a priority in a working situation. That is why we have made our packs easy to close and ensured that the liquid can be reactivated. Throwing away wipes is now a thing of the past.”

Introductory promotion

One pack contains 90 wipes that are easily detached thanks to the strong material and well perforated edges. During the introductory period, which runs until the end of November, the customer can buy a second canister at half price.

Team XDakar

Dreumex introduced the Dreumex Ultra Power Wipes during the Team XDakar corporate day. Team XDakar is taking part in the Dakar Rally in South America in January 2014. Dreumex is sponsoring the team, which is playing a leading role in the international campaign ‘I love dirty hands’. This campaign is geared towards hard-working professionals who work with their hands day in and day out. Their hands are their most valuable tool and they need to be in good condition. That’s why Dreumex cares about (dirty) hands!