EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH

Vacuum lifter with guaranteed mobility – efficient lifting and handling with unique, patented vacuum technology

Loads, which previously could only be handled with expensive accessories, can now be handled efficiently and ergonomically with the MobiCrane.

Due to the adjustable lifting height, the operator always maintains an optimal and ergonomic posture when lifting and moving the loads.
This new vacuum lifter from EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH, in Kassel, Germany, is 10% more effective than conventional systems. The lifters are very easy to operate, and can be transported with any normal forklift or platform lift truck, i.e. they can be moved quickly to wherever they are needed.
Thanks to the on-board battery, the MobiCrane is independent of the mains supply. Consequently, no additional fittings or cabling are required in the building.

Apart from a range of standard grippers, numerous options and accessories are available for the most varied applications. Expresso also develops customized solutions, hand in hand with the customer.
The quiet, integrated vacuum pump only has two firmly connected parts, and works without seals. This unique design ensures low energy consumption and exhibits a very high efficiency due to the patented airflow principle. Furthermore, the system features low friction values, which results in lower operating temperatures.
With its 24 V battery, the MobiCrane is suitable for loads up to 80 kg.
The technical safety features and the functional design are convincing. For example, the telescopic pillar provides an individually adjustable lifting height between 1760 and 2735 mm.