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Vilene® Fireblocker – For optimum protection from heat and flame

The worldwide established FR Nonwoven considerably contributes to reduce the dreaded danger of heat stress amongst fire fighters.
In workwear, for furnace or steel workers, in refineries, at oil platforms, in race wear, wherever used: Vilene Fireblocker protects from direct and convective heat and serious burns. Being lightweight and at the same time highly insulating, it offers the wearer a high comfort value for optimum mobility and freedom of action.

Freudenberg – The original inventors of Nonwovens and worlds largest Nonwoven manufacturer, sets the market standards.
• With new characteristics – “Spacebumper”:A three-dimensional heat blocker - increased heat insulation is achieved by trapping greater volumes of air.
• With “green” fibres - Wool in combination with high tech fibres.
• Ultra light substrates for semi permeable membranes (moisture barrier).
In addition “Easy care” and durability contribute to cost saving whilst still considering and maintaining all safety aspects.
Vilene Fireblocker, in combination with other appropriate materials meets the requirements of all relevant international standards.

Vilene Interlinings serves their customers with its worldwide organisation and branches in over 150 countries.
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