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Vilene® iQ – Heat conductive interlinings

Freudenberg is introducing a prototype of a Nonwoven with an „intelligence quotient“= Vilene® iQ. This material, which can be fused onto garment fabrics, is heat conductive. The innovative technology of Vilene® iQ is patent pending.

Vilene® iQ is a combination of a Nonwoven fabric and metallic yarns. It is coated with an adhesive, and can be laminated to various fabrics. The excellent textile handle, flexibility and drape of the original Vilene® interlining remains unchanged.
The technology of Vilene® iQ has been developed within the garment sector for the production of clothing and therefore shows major advantages in comparison with other technologies available as prototypes in the market.
Vilene® iQ is not only available as full width roll goods, but also as a conductive Nonwoven tape. It replaces the often problematic rigid wires thus allowing the Vilene® iQ technology to fit easily into the standard garment production process.

Vilene Interlinings serves their customers with its worldwide organisation and branches in over 150 countries.
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