Wireless Video Transmission EVOLUTION® 5000

Wireless Video Transmission EVOLUTION® 5000

The world-wide best performance video transmission system available

The new wireless video transmission system for the thermal imaging camera EVOLUTION® 5000 consisting of transmitter and receiver, creates a new generation of high-tech and safe work for the firefighter.

Considering the real life environment the fire fighters are active in MSA has developed a system perfectly useable in the field. MSA has probably the best and toughest transmission distances available in a TIC wireless transmission system, e.g. typical distances are: Line of sight: >5.000 metres, Forrest: up to 1.000 metres and Subway tunnel: approx. 750 metres.

In addition the transmission quality is assured by a flexible system which allows us to adjust the frequencies according national regulations where the system will be used.

The ergonomic transmitter is retrofitable and removeable to any EVOLUTION® 5000 camera within seconds, without any upgrade. It is a small and easy to use stand alone unit which fits perfectly to the side of the camera. The transmitter switches on and off automatically by using the camera's ON / OFF button. Additionally the transmitter is powered by its own rechargeable battery, therefore the battery duration of the camera is not affected.

The receiving station consists of a directional flat panel antenna and a video output connector [BNC]. Overall it is a portable and tough system with intuitive operation modules.

Together with the TIC EVOLUTION® 5000, featuring superior image quality in a small format, the new wireless video transmission system is a tool for command centers offering insight into what is happening in "real time" for decision making, increased safety, faster identification and deployment of resources!