Working with chemicals - ECHA launches new web section for REACH registration

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has published information specifying how
companies can submit PPORD notifications and registrations to the Agency and
how inquiries on substances can be made as of 1 June 2008.

During an initial period PPORD notifications, inquiries and registrations need
to be carried out by using temporary procedures. Data submission guidance is
available in the "REACH-IT" web section on the ECHA website.

The launch of the "REACH-IT" web section on the ECHA website is the first step
in providing companies the necessary practical information on how to submit
data to ECHA after 1 June 2008. The section will be updated by end of the week
to cover all relevant REACH processes and data submission steps. The new
section can be accessed by clicking "REACH-IT" in the main menu on the ECHA
home page. It contains practical advice on the PPORD notification, inquiry and
registration submission procedures. The submission specific pages give
practical information on the applicable methods, templates to be used and
manuals available. A 2-page information leaflet summarising the data submission
procedure is also available online.

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AplusA-online.de - Source: European Chemicals Agency