Workplace Transport

Every year people are killed and even more are seriously injured in incidents
involving workplace transport. Often these incidents occur in a lorry park or
yard while goods are being delivered. In many cases it is the driver who is

The British HSE is currently running an advertising campaign on radio and press
to raise awareness among the people who can make a real difference - depot
managers and those who receive or despatch goods.

The concerns of professional drivers, about the dangers of delivery and
collection of goods have also been included.

This campaign focuses on how depot managers can take small practical steps to
make delivery areas safer. Examples include:

  • Keep vehicles and pedestrians separate - perhaps introduce pedestrian
  • Encourage visiting drivers to get well out of the way in designated safe
  • Improve lighting and signage
  • Ten tips for a Safer Site
  • Ten concerns of drivers during deliveries and collections
  • Delivering safely: co-operating to prevent workplace vehicle accidents
  • Checklist to help you carry out a risk assessment of your premises

For more practical advice on transport topics visit the HSE Workplace Transport

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