Melchior Textil GmbH

Workwear fabrics with a feel-good factor

Just a year ago, Melchior Textil launched its own range of Tencel fabrics for workwear in the healthcare and beauty industries. Due to strong demand and widespread acceptance of the soft, smooth, absorbent fabrics, Melchior has recently extended the collection. The Tencel/polyester fabrics are now available in a variety of weights and weaves as well as a wide range of fashionable colours.

Employees in the fields of nursing, geriatric care, rehabilitation, clinics and hospitals have a physically demanding working day, and work in the leisure and beauty sectors is hardly less strenuous. In jobs such as these, comfortable workwear is an absolute must. The ideal garments are expected to provide all-day comfort and well-being. “Blended fabrics with the Lyocell fibre Tencel offer all of these properties. This is what prompted us to develop our range of Tencel workwear fabrics last year”, explains Manfred Seeber, CEO of Melchior Textil. “We were impressed by its incredible smoothness, cool, soft handle and excellent moisture-management properties. What is more, the fabrics also meet the tough demands of rental textiles and are able to withstand repeated industrial laundering without any adverse effects.”

Tencel workwear fabrics from head to toe

The enthusiastic market reception of the Tencel range prompted Melchior to extend the product line. One of the new additions is an elegant, shimmering satin fabric with a cool soft handle. The fabric is a 65/35 blend of polyester and Tencel with a weight of 210 g/m². Available in the top trend colours Apple and Pink, it is the ideal fabric for shirts and blouses, with white being the perfect complement for trousers.
The new cotelé fabric, developed for light blouses and shirts, has an even more natural feel. Comprising seventy percent Tencel and with a weight of 180 g/m², the fabric offers optimum moisture absorption, softness and flexibility. A 50/50 Tencel/polyester blend with a weight of 230 g/m² was developed specifically for trousers. In white, it is the classic colour for all areas of the healthcare sector. All fabrics are also available in custom colours on request.