World Programme of Action for Youth, what governments can do

The UN have published a new 'Guide to Implementation of the World Programme of
Action for Youth'.

This Guide focuses on what Governments can do to fulfill the vision enshrined
in the World Programme of Action for Youth (WPAY). It acknowledges a need for a
new impetus to be given to the design and implementation of youth policies and
programmes. Each section of the book briefly examines the concept of each
priority area and how it is experienced by youth. It looks at mechanisms and
specific policies that may enhance the political, cultural and socio-economic
opportunities for youth. The recommendations and ideas contained in the book
are inspired by analyses, case studies, lessons learned and good practices
documented by a wide range of sources. While some of the recommendations
contained in this Guide may be considered "quick wins”, others can only be
implemented effectively with long-term commitment and recognition by

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