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ZEVAZ wellington boot

Introducing the new innovative ZEVAZ wellington boot from Anvil Traction.

Zevaz Wellington boots are manufactured from a scientifically designed polymer material combined with the Anvil Traction slip resistant sole.

They offer the wearer a host of benefits which include being ultra light weight which results in wearer comfort and anti-fatigue over a full working day of wear, the slip resistant outsole is designed to offer the highest levels of slip-resistance required in todays varied working environments, excellent comfort characteristics with advanced flexibility in freezing conditions which is good for comfort and movement in cold stores and deep freezes, the polymer material is an expanded foam full of air so is extremely warm and is an excellent thermal insulator. Its durability is estimated to be 2-3 times more durable than PVC and is environmentally responsible in comparison to PVC products.

Our innovative upper material is based in a family of products that is recommended as an alternative material to PVC and is recognised as being safe in food production and packing.

Combining new technologies with our existing market leading slip resistant outsoles allows Anvil Traction to be innovative and offer new solutions to the market.