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Zorb-IT™ “Best for Automotive” Challenge

Wommelgem (Belgium), May 29 2007 – Glove manufacturer Best Manufacturing Europe NV launches a range of three gloves with unparallelled grip, even when working with oily surfaces, i.e. Zorb-IT™, Zorb-IT™ Extra en Zorb-IT™ Ultimate. The excellent oil grip is the result of the application of a unique, patented “sponge nitrile technology“.

The Zorb-IT™ glove exists already for a few years. Its sponge nitrile coating conforms and adheres to the fingertips and hand palm like no other glove available to provide the unparalleled oil grip, protection and sweat evaporation.

Two innovative additional developments have recently been realized. The Zorb-IT™ Extra has a ¾ coating for enhanced knuckle protection and for eliminating oil to drip through the nylon liner. Zorb-IT™ Ultimate is the cut resistant oil grip glove with an EN388 score of 4332.

The combination of perfect grip and protection makes the Zorb-IT™ gloves ideal for many automotive applications, such as the assembly of car components and of machine components. Furthermore, these gloves can also protect hands when maintaining engines.

Best Manufacturing is one of the world’s leading makers of hand protection for industrial and medical markets. The privately-held company exclusively sells through its distributor network to end users in every industrial and medical category, including aviation, food processing, high-technology/clean room, metal fabrication, and emergency medical and hospital services.

Best® challenges you! Take the Zorb-IT™ Oil Grip Challenge, and we will visit your company with our Zorb-IT™ Oil Grip Test Kit. More information about this action can be given to you by our European offices:

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Would you dare to take on our challenge? Visit us: Hall 4 Stand F15 and win a Zorb-IT™ football.