A. Haberkorn & Co. GmbH

euroline "GEO-SALUS"

available in 2 colours (lemon, orange)

Polyester belts 45mm wide, Teflon-impregnated, Back support, kidney protector made of foam with two-sided textile coating, padding on shoulder and leg belts

Construction SEAT BELT:
1 textile fall arrester eyelet in the chest region (with protective substance)
1 foldable abseil-/ rescue eyelet in the abdominal area
1 textile restraint fall arrester eyelet in the back area of the safety belt
2 attachment elements in the hip area
Universal size can be continuously adjusted

Construction SHOULDER BELT:
1 fall arrester eyelet in the chest region (aluminium D-ring)
1 adjusting buckle in the chest region (aluminium rectangular buckle)
1 adjusting buckle on the back (aluminium rectangular buckle), secured with velcro-fastening