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pyroshell™ – the permanent flame protection on synthetic fabrics

pyroshell™ key visual

With the brand new pyroshell™ technology, schoeller®-works is setting new standards in the area of flame protection. Dependable protection from heat and flames is now also possible on synthetic fabrics and, for the first time, ensures outstanding safety and visibility in all EN 471 colors. Its use on elastic fabrics provides greater freedom of movement and comfort in day-to-day work.

With the pyroshell™ technology, Schoeller Textil AG has succeeded in uniting permanent flame protection with polyamide or polyester fabrics. Pyroshell™ offers the type of flame protection which is now required for personal protective equipment in many branches of industry. This means that security staff, railway workers, police officers, staff in power stations, military personnel and workers in the oil and gas industry are ideally protected when they come into contact with fire and sparks.

Produced to the bluesign® standard

Pyroshell™ technology facilitates permanent flame protection on synthetic fabrics without the use of conventional and often environmentally harmful flame retardants or additives and is produced in accordance with the bluesign® standard. The characteristic feature of bluesign® – the most stringent ecological standard for textiles – is that all product and manufacturing guidelines and maximum permissible values are applied to the initial components. This rules out the use of dangerous substances even before production begins.

The familiar benefits of synthetic functional fabrics based on polyamide or polyester are retained in full such as clothing comfort, breathability, tear resistance, abrasion resistance, lightness, elasticity or ease of care, to mention just a few of the positive properties. A particularly outstanding feature is the fact that when used on suitable polyester fabrics, excellent safety results in terms of flame protection and visibility can now also be achieved in all the colors for EN 471 high-visibility clothing – neon yellow, neon orange and neon red.

Made-to-measure flame protection

pyroshell™ is more than just a technology. It is a comprehensive, modular concept. All the fabrics comply with EN ISO 11612 (protective wear for heat and flames). Depending on the area of use and the requirements profile, pyroshell™ flame protection fabrics also comply with the most varied of norms such as EN ISO 11611 (protective wear for welding and related processes), DIN EN 1149 (electrostatic protection), EN 343 (weather protection wear) or EN 61482-1-2 (protects the wearer from the hazards of an electric arc).

The fabric is available in both comfortable monoelastic and bi-elastic qualities or in an unelast version. All pyroshell™ qualities are manufactured as soft-shells. Like the already well-known schoeller®-WB-400 textiles, pyroshell™ synthetic outer fabrics in polyamide or polyester are lined. The connecting layer is the pyroshell™ coating, which can barely be felt and guarantees both permanent bonding and permanent flame protection.

The fabrics need no longer be lined during garment making and are all windproof. With an additional membrane layer and a fleece backing, warming and windproof versions can also be offered. Finished with an additional membrane layer and a suitable reverse for taping, windproof and waterproof versions are also possible. Further Schoeller finishing technologies such as NanoSphere®, 3XDRY® or coldblack® can be applied without affecting the flame protection thus expanding the spectrum of protective functions and wearability. The ecological, fluor free ecorepel® impregnation has also recently become available.