Schoeller Textil AG

schoeller®-works presents new heat management coldblack® with UPF

UV protection is one of the themes which is the focus of particular attention at the A+A this year. Rightly so, as certain professional groups are exposed to such dangers. But it is not only the UV rays which can prove a negative factor; workwear in dark colors heat up when exposed to sunlight. Thanks to coldblack®, a special finishing technology for textiles, this no longer needs to be the case. Schoeller, the Swiss textile specialist, integrates coldblack® into numerous and differently structured fabrics for uniforms, fashionable corporate wear and protective workwear for schoeller®-works.

A background article for the A+A sums it all up: “…Among construction workers and those employed
in agriculture and forestry, skin complaints resulting from excessive exposure to the sun now account for between 10 and 15% of all illnesses,” says Dr. Anette Wahl-Wachendorf, leading doctor at BG Bau in Darmstadt. “But other professional groups are also affected, such as road construction workers, ship workers, surveyors, postal staff and kindergarten teachers. As many people in central and northern Europe are pale-skinned, producing much less protective melanin than darker skin types, Germans
are particularly susceptible …”. So those who are forced to spend long hours in direct sunlight are well advised to integrate a high level of sun protection (UPF) into their clothing. The correspondingly equipped fabrics of the schoeller®-works collection with coldblack® feature a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of at least 50.
Greater concentration and improved stamina thanks to schoeller®-works fabrics with coldblack®

A further advantage of the coldblack®- finish is efficient heat management, especially with darker colors. Clothing in light colors reflects both the visible and the invisible parts of the sun’s rays. This means that not only light but also heat is reflected. In contrast, dark textiles absorb both types of rays and, consequently, also absorb heat. coldblack® prevents the absorption of heat rays, so that dark colors, in particular, heat up less. “The difference becomes obvious very quickly,” says Antonio Gatti, Business Unit Manager at schoeller®-works, “because workwear is often produced in dark colors. Therefore, when the sun beats down and the temperature of the clothing rises, workers quickly begin to perspire and correspondingly, their concentration and performance capacities drop. Lower efficiency, a feeling of discomfort and longer breaks are the consequence.” Workwear with coldblack®, on the other hand, reacts to sunlight just like light colors (see box), which has a corresponding effect on clothing comfort. For this reason, coldblack® has been integrated into most fabrics of the schoeller®-works collection, such as surprisingly comfortable and extremely hard-wearing articles for pants, jackets and bodywarmers or in fabrics with high-visibility colors in accordance with (EN 471) and the intelligent c_change™ membrane. This is complemented by the finishing combination with 3XDRY® Advanced Moisture Management or a water and dirt repelling NanoSphere® technology.