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schoeller®-works presents the latest Schoeller technology for the workwear area

energear – more energy, increased performance capacity, greater wellbeing

Whether in military service, in emergency call-outs or as a forestry worker – concentration and strength are required everywhere. The solution is energear, the latest Schoeller technology with a mineral matrix tailored to the fabric. Based on the ancient knowledge about the capacity of certain minerals to reflect back Far Infrared Rays, energear ensures that the energy radiated by the body is recovered. This additional energy positively affects performance capacity and wellbeing.

“I pull on the energear jacket in the morning and feel terrific and full of energy, no matter what kind of call-out I’m on,” says a Swiss police officer, enthusiastically describing the new Schoeller technology. He is not the only one convinced about the positive effects of the energear fabric – lots of other testers report that their pulse rates remain lower during periods of exertion and that their performance is tangibly improved.

Increase of oxygen levels in blood
energear is the latest fabric generation from Schoeller Textil AG, that, like most Schoeller developments, takes nature as its role model. With energear, a special mineral matrix integrated into the fabric ensures that the energy radiated by the body in the form of Far Infrared Rays (FIRs) is reflected back by the textile. The reflection of the FIRs promotes blood circulation and in the increase of oxygen level in the blood. This additional energy has a number of positive effects on the body, for example, performance enhancement and prevention of premature fatigue, as well as improved regeneration. In addition, shorter warm-up phases are sufficient for physical activity and there is an overall increase in concentration and wellbeing. Of course, other fabrics features such as breathability, weather protection and elasticity are retained.

In testing, people in an active aerobic phase displayed an increase of air intake with a lower pulse rate thanks to energear. As a result of the increased oxygen supply, enhanced performance and lower acidity were recorded. Therefore, energear makes particularly good sense where physical performance and stamina are called for, such as a highly-functional soft-shell stretch fabric, which is ideal for outdoor workwear. Good visibility (EN 471), UV protection, reliable water repellence and outstanding moisture management also characterize the abrasion-proof workwear fabric and provide the familiar additional comfort.

The energear technology can be combined with various schoeller® fabric qualities and further textile technologies such as 3XDRY®, NanoSphere® or coldblack®. The application options and areas of use for energear fabrics are similarly diverse; from clothing for members of the army, police force, security services or emergency services; safety workwear and clothing for firefighters; and uniforms and corporate wear.

Far Infrared Rays:

Far Infrared Rays are a component of infrared rays. The sun, certain stones and minerals and living beings all radiate FIRs. Far Infrared Rays and their therapeutic properties have been studied and used in China and Japan for many years.

FIRs have a number of positive effects on the energetic processes in the human body. They are experienced as a pleasant, slight warmth and better circulation and also as enhanced performance and general wellbeing.