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Good cut protection is no unnecessary luxury. That is why we test our gloves further to the European EN388 test method, the American ASTM F1790-05 test method and the international ISO 13997-1999 test method. This way we can better recommend the right cut protection against your risk assessments.

Eurostat reported that 7 million workers (3,2%) in Europe experienced a work accident in 2009. Many national statistics like RIDDOR, HSE, DGUV and FAO/FAT show that in 1 out of 3 accidents the hand, fingers or wrist get injured. Moreover, further to TNO 10,4% and further to Assurances Maladie 15,3% of all work accidents are cuts.

Showa Best Glove product manager Mike Carducci points out that the hand injury problem goes far beyond accidents that make it to the official statistics. "In the US for instance it is generally agreed that 29 minor accidents and 300 near misses occur for every major accident reported," he said. "The right cut-resistant hand protection does make a difference. That is why so many work applications specify cut-resistant gloves rather than general purpose gloves." Showa Best Glove currently has a wide range of cut-resistant hand protection models. At the same time, Showa Best Glove's research team, the world's largest hand protection R&D team, continues to innovate with new glove models combining cut-resistant fibers and surface features such as sponge nitrile for oily slippery applications. Showa Best Glove has just expanded its already comprehensive line with new models to meet specific task needs in the near future. A look at today's choices Showa Best Glove cut-resistant glove options protect and provide comfort while wearing and laundering well. Choices include a number of DuPont Kevlar glove models with a variety of coatings for special purposes as well as gloves with stainless steel fibers and gloves woven from the High Performance Polyethelene (HPPE). Each glove model serves specific purposes. Ideal for critical environments where cut/laceration hazards are present, electronics, circuit boards, semiconductor, small parts assembly the high performance Showa 540, 541 and 545 are HPPE gloves. By combining HPPE fibers with Showa Best's innovative liner technology the wearer experiences maximum comfort and dexterity while being protected from cuts. Both the white 540 glove and the black 541 glove have a polyurethane coated palm, while the seamless grey 545 model has a blue nitrile coated palm. Specific glove models from the company's D-Flex (with stainless steel fibers) and T-Flex glove lines provide comfort plus cut resistance for applications such as food processing, cutting, glass handling, sheet metal handling, meat and poultry industry, commercial fishing, and restaurants. Models go from the ultra-lightweight, 15-gauge T-Flex 8115 to the heavier and more protecting 10-gauge D-Flex.

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