Workplace Bullying and Psychotropic Drug Use: The Mediating Role of Physical and Mental Health Status

The association between workplace bullying and psychotropic drug use is not
well established. This study was aimed at exploring the association between
workplace bullying, and its characteristics, and psychotropic drug use and
studying the mediating role of physical and mental health.

As a result the study shows that Workplace bullying was strongly associated
with psychotropic drug use. Past exposure to bullying increased the risk for
this use. The more frequent and the longer the exposure to bullying, the
stronger the association with psychotropic drug use. Observing bullying on
someone else at the workplace was associated with psychotropic drug use.
Adjustment for covariates did not modify the results. Additional adjustment for
self-reported health and depressive symptoms reduced the magnitude of the
associations, especially for men.

More info - Source: Annals of Occupational Hygiene