Radiation measures internalised

A new global standard for measuring internal radiation exposure was released by
the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) in March.

ISO 27048:2011, Radiation protection - Dose assessment for the monitoring of
workers for internal radiation exposure sets out a standard for measuring
internal doses of radioactive substances.

The standard hopes to achieve more consistent and reliable assessments of
internal doses of radiation through improving the reproducibility of dose
assessments; ensuring the effort required for data interpretation is
commensurate with the seriousness of the exposure; and enabling the exchange of
consistent dosimetric information among laboratories and authorities locally
and across international borders.

"This International Standard specifies the minimum requirements for the
evaluation of data from the monitoring of workers and presents procedures and
assumptions for the standardized interpretation of monitoring data, in order to
achieve acceptable levels of reliability," the ISO says.

The standard was prepared by the ISO technical committee ISO/TC 85, Nuclear
energy, nuclear technologies, and radiological protection, Subcommittee SC 2,
Radiological protection.

Further Information - Source: International Organization for Standardization