New study on the insurance of agriculture workers against accidents at work and occupational diseases

GEOPA-COPA (the employers' organisation in agriculture) has carried out a study
amongst its members in order to learn more about the provisions currently in
place concerning the insurance for workers in agriculture against accidents at
work and occupational illnesses. In this study GEOPA-COPA has only focused on
the main characteristics of national schemes.

The report is structured around four subjects:

  • The general characteristics of national insurance provisions against accidents at work

  • Compensation for the loss of salary in the event of having to stop work following an accident

  • Annuities that are paid in the event of a permanent partial or total incapacity to work

  • How insurance against accidents in the workplace is financed.

The conclusions of this study together with good practices on preventing
occupational accidents and information on how occupational accident insurance
is organised in different Member States were presented at a seminar in

More information - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work