Domestic Workers Convention on decent work

Decent work deficits among domestic workers are huge. For over 56 per cent of
domestic workers the law does not establish a limit on how long a working week
can be. About 45 per cent of all domestic workers are not entitled to at least
one day off per week. About 36 per cent of female domestic workers have no
legal entitlement to maternity leave. Domestic workers are amongst the most
vulnerable categories of workers, those who are already at the margin and least
equipped to face the consequences of economic upturns. They comprise mainly
women and girls who, to a large extent, work informally. Decent work for
domestic workers means affording them respect and dignity and contributing
towards their transition from informality to formality.

A landmark treaty setting standards for the treatment of domestic workers that
was adopted at the International Labour Conference in Geneva has been widely
hailed as a milestone. The Convention and accompanying Recommendation on decent
work for domestic workers aim at protecting and improving the working and
living conditions of domestic workers worldwide - estimated to number anywhere
between 53 million and 100 million.

More info - Source: International Labour Organization (ILO)