Does your computer workstation fit you and the type of work you do?

The Canadian WorkSafeBC has published a guide 'Does your computer workstation
fit you and the type of work you do?'

It describes how to identify and solve problems with computer workstations.
This booklet is intended primarily as a self-help guide for workers, but it may
also be useful to employers, supervisors, joint health and safety committees,
and health and safety specialists.

You can make many of the changes suggested in this guide yourself - for
example, changing the height of your chair. Discuss other changes with your
supervisor or employer. Your employer should have guidelines for the selection
of equipment and furniture so that your computer workstation will fit you and
the type of work you do.

The first section of this guide describes the signs and symptoms of injury, so
you will be able to identify potential problems early on, and take steps to
prevent an injury from developing or getting worse. Then, there are five
sections that describe prevention tips you can use to help avoid discomfort and
potential injury. Each section focuses on one area where you can make changes
that will help you work comfortably and efficiently. These sections are as

  1. Check your posture.

  2. Adjust your chair.

  3. Rearrange your workstation layout.

  4. Improve your lighting and minimize glare.

  5. Improve your job design.

At the back of this guide you will find a brief one-page summary of the
information covered in these five sections. There is also a checklist for
assessing your computer workstation and a list of exercises that help reduce
muscle tension and eye strain.

More info - Source: WorkSafeBC