Preventing Vehicle Transport Accidents at the Workplace

Every year about 5500 people are killed in workplace accidents in the EU, of
which about a third are related to transport. These accidents usually involve
people: being struck or run over by moving vehicles (e.g. during reversing);
falling from vehicles; being struck by objects falling from vehicles; or
vehicles overturning. These accidents can be avoided by effective management
and prevention measures. The incidence of accidents is higher in Small and
Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with fewer than 50 employees. The advice in a
factsheet - published by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work - is
relevant to vehicle transport in all types and sizes of enterprises.

Even more the European Agency's famous cartoon character Napo shows that
workplace transport must be well organised to reduce risks and manage hazards
properly. This requires planning and monitoring by senior managers, risk
assessment and appropriate action by employees who should be trained. Scenes
include site, people and vehicle safety, maintenance, visibility, reversing and

More info - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work