Questions and answers on labour regulation, Decent Work and the economic and jobs crisis

How can labour regulation benefit the economic and labour markets? What is the
role of regulation in terms of the challenges and opportunities it affords? How
has the recent economic crisis affected regulation of labour markets, and can
regulation contribute to economic recovery? These and other questions will be
on the agenda of the second Conference on the wider meaning of the often
misunderstood concept of labour regulation.

What is Regulating for Decent Work?

Regulating for Decent Work is a worldwide network of international researchers
from a range of disciplines, including law, economics, industrial relations,
development studies, sociology and geography who study labour market
regulation. The network is organized by ILO researchers in collaboration with
the University of Manchester's Fairness at Work (FaW) Research Group and the
University of Melbourne's Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law
(CELRL). A conference organized by the network takes place in Geneva every two

What are its main goals?

The aim of the network is two-fold: to encourage and highlight research that
offers a more balanced perspective on labour market regulation; and to prevent
the research agenda on labour market regulation being entirely shaped in
response to the deregulatory agenda. In this respect, the second conference on
Regulating for Decent Work aims to go beyond the simple opposition of
regulation and deregulation arguments and to focus on how to make regulation
more effective.

More info - Source: International Labour Organization (ILO)