Handle the Hostility

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety and partners have
created and developed a unique set of e-courses to help companies and workers
handle the difficulties and issues that arise when human interactions go wrong.
Learn how to deal with hostile customers, robbery, and hostage situations.

Dealing with Difficult or Hostile Customers

Dealing with the general public on a daily basis normally involves minimum
stress. However, there may be times when customer or client concerns escalate
into a stressful or potentially explosive situation, for both the staff and the
customer. Gain an understanding of the stresses and pressures that exist when
dealing with customers who are volatile or hostile in this hour-long e-course.

You will develop a broad skill set to cope with these potential interactions.
In addition, you'll learn practical communication and coping techniques to
handle the situation and enhance your personal performance.

Dealing with Robbery

If you are in the unfortunate position of being involved in a robbery, you need
to be aware of your body's physical and mental reactions. This awareness, in
combination with safety procedures and techniques, will allow you to safely
communicate with the robber and to handle the highly stressful situation.

This course provides managers, supervisors and workers with the mental and
practical skills to successfully deal with a robbery incident. Identify
different types of robberies, understand the psychological aspects involved,
and discover advice and techniques that can be used to defuse both soft and
hard robberies. You'll also learn about post-robbery procedures, from the
practical aspects to the emotional aftermath.

Dealing with a Hostage Situation

One of the most stressful experiences a worker can be subjected to is being
held against his or her will. Research has shown, however, that preparing for
"the worst" - by having a basic understanding of what may happen and how it may
affect you - can reduce the impact of such an event.

Although a hostage situation is unlikely, the possibility cannot be discounted
and the impact to the individual and company can be high. This course provides
management at any facility, store or branch, with the knowledge and practical
skills to deal with a short-term hostage event. The course will look at the
possible background to such an event, the psychological pressures on all
concerned, the key requirement and skills of rapport building, and the
resolution of such an incident.

Further Information - Source: Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety