Third report on French national action plan on cancer published

France has an integrated national action plan on cancer that addresses public,
environmental and occupational health issues jointly. Is is planned to be
applied in synergy with the national action plan on health and work (plan
national santé travail). Regular reports provides summary information about
activities and results. Mention is also made of complementary reports providing
more detailed information on the activities, legislative acts and guidance

Some points highlighted:

  • Reduction of inequalities linked to occupational cancer was defined as one of the goals and is a feature in labour inspection campaigns. A Workshop in Dec 2010 addressed social inequalities, cancer in subcontracted workers, professional paths of cancer patients. Factsheets published by the National Cancer Institute on occupational cancer, social inequalities linkd to occupational cancer, endocrine disruptors, pesticide exposures, etc.

  • Back-to work strategies for cancer patients are another priority.

  • Two 2010 labour inspection campaigns focused on radioprotection and on exposure to carcinogens in automotive repair and cleaning.

  • Guidance on chemotherapy in home care should be designed in 2011 following an assessment in 2009.

  • A campaign by the labour inspection targeted UV exposure. Guidance on protection from artficial UV exposure was published.

  • Guidance on good practice post-exposure health surveillance of workers exposed to asbestos and wood dust was published. A recommendation regarding health surveillance of workers exposed to bladder carcinogens is scheduled to be published.

More info - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work