Meeting the challenge of an ageing Europe: European Demography Report 2010

Europe's population is ageing because people are living longer and not
producing enough children, according to a recently published report. This issue
represents a major challenge for the EU across many areas of life including
employment, the sustainability of welfare systems and pensions provision.

The headline findings of the 'European Demography Report 2010' reveal a
population that is larger, older and more diverse than ever.

This year's report had a special focus on mobility and immigration.

Figures reveal that Europe's population growth is still driven by immigration.
Non-EU migrants have been adding to the EU Member State populations at a rate
of one to two million a year (overcompensating for those who left the EU).

Meanwhile mobility is increasing within the EU. In a survey, one in five
citizens has either worked or studied in another country, lived with a partner
from another country or owns a property abroad. And 1 in 10 plans to move to
another EU Member State in the next decade.

More information - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work