New action plan to prevent incidents in the forestry industry

A new New Zealand initiative aims to maintain strong and effective working
relationships between key forestry stakeholders. The Action Plan sets out
specific actions to reduce the toll of work-related injury and fatality ('the
work toll') in the forestry sector. It has a particular focus on health and
safety systems and processes for the tasks of tree felling and breaking out. It
has been prepared by the Department of Labour in partnership with the Accident
Compensation Corporation and the New Zealand Forest Owners Association's
Health, Safety and Training Committee. It is closely aligned to the Forest
Owners Association Strategic Safety Plan and provides a purposeful rallying
point for government agencies and the forestry sector.

Engagement will focus on: reducing accidents, particularly in the tasks of
breaking out and tree felling; using forestry networks to influence
improvement; and promoting safe work design.

The action plan includes:

  1. Growing safety leadership

  2. Developing capability

  3. Building knowledge

  4. Supporting robust health and safety systems

more info - Source: Department of Labour Te Mari Mari