Work-related capacities for a clientele with a physical impairment

The evaluation of work-related capacities (EWC) is a common practice in the
process of rehabilitating workers with a physical impairment. The results of
this evaluation identify the interventions that are necessary for a sustainable
and safe return to work.

Occupational therapists are frequently involved in this process; however, the
evaluative practices vary significantly among occupational health and safety
professionals, which has the effect of challenging the quality of the results
of some evaluations. In fact, the great variability in current practices and in
the results of the EWC is a problem that currently preoccupies the Québec Order
of Occupational Therapists. The present study proposes the development of a
practical guide in order to reduce the variation in practice and to improve the
quality of occupational rehabilitation evaluations and interventions. This will
lead to the transmission and interpretation of actual evidence as useful
recommendations for the clinician. In fact, a practical EWC guide will enable
occupational therapists to make appropriate choices in their evaluative methods
and improve support for the recommendations for the healthy return to work of

More information - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work