REACH - Guidance in a nutshell

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is producing a series of shortened
versions of the REACH Guidance Documents in order to make the corresponding
Guidance Documents published by the Agency more accessible for industry.

These documents explain in simple terms the main elements of the full guidance
to industry managers including managers of small and medium sized enterprises.
It will enable companies to have a quick overview of the implications for them
of different aspects of REACH. Such shortened documents providing guidance in a
nutshell cannot contain all details and therefore, it is advised to consult the
full guidance in case of any doubt.

Some of these documents have been or will be translated into 21 official EU

  • Guidance in a Nutshell on Identification and naming of substances under REACH and CLP

  • Guidance in a nutshell on requirements for substances in articles

  • Guidance in a nutshell on registration data and dossier handling

  • Guidance in a nutshell on Chemical Safety Assessment

More info - Source: European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)