New Website on Workers' Health Education

More than half of the world population belong to the global workforce. Health,
safety, work ability and well-being of every worker are a key issue for the
overall socioeconomic development of each country. Health at work and healthy
work environments are among the most valuable assets of individuals,
communities and countries.

Occupational health is an important strategy not only to ensure the health of
workers, but also to contribute positively to the national economies through
improved productivity, quality of products, work motivation, job satisfaction,
and to contribute also to the overall quality of life of working people and

The new Workers' Health Education website aims to provide a database of
learning materials for safe and healthy work all over the world.
It collects, selects and organizes learning materials that are available on the
Internet, free of charge or for low prices, from non-profit organizations. In
addition, it provides a forum where participants can ask the community for
support for specific needs and share their own training materials, experiences,
plans and programs. Everyone is invited to share learning materials through
this initiative.

Workers' Health Education is an initiative of the Coronel Institute of
Occupational Health Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam, The
Netherlands. The initiative is part of, and supported by the WHO Network of
Collaborating Centers in Occupational Health. The official launch of the
website took place at the 30th ICOH conference in Cancún, México, in March

More information - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work