Teachers' work-related stress - survey results and brochure

Teachers are among the professions reporting the highest level of work-related
stress. Furthermore, the issue of work-related stress is particularly important
these days. In times of economic crisis work-related stress can increase and
become an even bigger concern for the health and safety of workers. Long
working hours, difficult working conditions, pressure, deadlines and in
particular job insecurity are factors strongly affecting the level of
work-related stress - not only in times of economic crisis. Therefore, it
becomes even more important to focus on how to cope with the extra pressure.

On these grounds, a project was initiated to launch a European-wide survey to
collect concrete information and facts on work-related stress amongst teachers
with the aim to gather accurate and comprehensive data for the ETUCE and its
member organisations to use in their on-going and future work on this Health
and Safety topic.

The European trade union committee for education - ETUCE - has made available
this study report containing the full overview of the results of its stress
survey as well as the ETUCE project brochure on Teachers' work-related stress:
European-wide Survey - Assessment, Comparison and Evaluation of the Impact of
Psychosocial Hazards on Teachers at their Workplace in the EU.

More info - Source: European Trade Union Committee for Education