Alcohol interlocks: A tool to intensify the fight against drink-driving

An alcohol interlock programme can be an effective means to prevent recidivism
from the part of serious offenders who have previously had their right to drive
suspended for drink driving offences. European Transport Safety Council ETSC
together with the the Generalitat of Catalonia are setting up an international
seminar in Barcelona on the implementation and use of alcohol interlocks,
focusing particularly on rehabilitation schemes and voluntary use in commercial

A round table gathering representatives from the Government of Catalonia, the
Police, as well as the regional prosecutor in charge of road safety, will
discuss drink-driving and future actions required to tackle this issue. As the
Catalan authorities are not alone in trying to tackle drink driving, the
seminar will provide an opportunity to exchange examples of good practice with
European experts.

More information: - Source: European Transport Safety Council ETSC