Jobs in the green economy should be safe and healthy

A new report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) launched for World
Day for Safety and Health at Work says the greening of the economy should be
accompanied by the proper integration of workplace safety and health measures.

The report looks at different "green industries" from an occupational safety
and health (OSH) perspective, and shows that while green jobs improve the
environment, revitalize the economy and create new employment opportunities,
they may also present a number of known and unknown risks for workers. The
greening of traditional sectors which will continue to provide the bulk of all
employment and harbour most occupational safety and health risks can provide a
major opportunity to make them safer and healthier, as well as energy efficient
and environmentally sustainable, provided the right measures are taken.

According to the ILO report, "a true green job must integrate safety and health
into design, procurement, operations, maintenance sourcing, use and recycling".
OSH mechanisms need to integrate the greening process into their policies and
programmes of action. Policy changes are necessary to support approaches such
as "prevention through design" in creating green jobs. Social dialogue among
representatives of government, workers and employers is central to the
prevention and management of occupational hazards and risks.

More info - Source: International Labour Organization (ILO)