New website on Healthy Ageing

Solidarity between Generations, EuroHealthNet has just launched its new website.

By showcasing practical examples of health promotion interventions, identifying
initiatives in the European Union and key resources about healthy ageing, the
website expects to build awareness of the steps required to make healthy ageing
a reality and contribute towards a successful EY 2012.

The new website highlights key factors such as promoting beneficial diets,
physical exercises, social relations and meaningful activities necessary for
ageing healthily.

In addition EuroHealthNet, commissioned by the German Federal Centre for Health
Education, has published the "Healthy and active ageing" report, highlighting a
selection of programmes, good practices and other resources for promoting and
sustaining the well-being of "younger” older people, with a specific
reference to socially deprived and migrant groups.

EuroHealthNet is a not-for-profit network of regional and national agencies
responsible and accountable for health promotion, public health and disease
prevention in Europe. Its aim is to improve the health of European citizens by
striving for a healthier Europe with greater health equity between and within

More information: - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work