Guidance for the registration of nanomaterials under REACH

The REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 does not explicitly address
nanomaterials. Indeed specific requirements taking into account the special
character of nanomaterials may have to be included into the Regulation in the
future. But since nanomaterials are considered to be substances in terms of
REACH manufacturers and importers of nanomaterials have to fulfil their REACH
obligations already today. The guide is considering the particular situation
that nanomaterials are not specifically regulated under REACH at present and
there are in consequence no specific dossier requirements. The brochure is
intended to provide advice to potential registrants of nanomaterials on what
information should be included in the registration dossier especially with
respect to the characterisation of nanomaterials.

This practical guide is a first attempt to give hands-on advice to registrants
who are preparing a registration dossier until concrete assistance is available
in one of the ECHA guidance documents.
The guide focuses on the presentation of in-house data as a basis. However, if
the in-house data are not considered to be of sufficient quality or if there
are data gaps it is necessary to generate new data, as it is needed for any
other substances under REACH.

More information - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work