How to prevent occupational skin diseases in hairdressing

An EU project paves the way to prevent occupational skin diseases in European
hairdressing. SafeHair 2.0 is an online learning and information platform about
skin diseases and skin protection in hairdressing. It aims to help teachers to
prepare lessons, students to learn about skin protection, and employees and
employers to understand the risks and take appropriate measures. The site seeks
to contribute to the prevention of occupational skin diseases in European
hairdressing and to provide safer workplaces in the profession from
apprenticeship onwards.

The project has been funded and initiated by the European Union.

Hairdressers in Europe are frequently affected by occupational skin diseases
resulting from typical occupational exposure to water and chemicals. However a
hairdresser´s work is also characterized by other risks like those related to
ergonomic conditions or the risk of slips and trips. For preventing and
managing risks EU-OSHA supports the development of online interactive risk
assessment tools within the OiRA project. At the moment several national
partners are working on such a tool for hairdressers. Cyprus has already
published its tool, Belgium, Greece and Portugal follow soon.

More information: - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work