Exposure to second hand tobacco smoke reduced, but still too high

Protection from second hand smoke has improved considerably in the EU,
according to a report published by the EU-Commission. 28% of Europeans were
exposed to second hand smoke in bars in 2012 - down from 46% in 2009. The
report is based on self-reporting by the 27 Member States, following the 2009
Council Recommendation on Smoke-free Environments, which called upon
governments to adopt and implement laws to fully protect their citizens from
exposure to tobacco smoke in enclosed public places, workplaces and public

The report dispels concerns about smoking bans impacting negatively on the
revenues of bars and restaurants, by showing that the economic impact has been
limited, neutral and even positive over time. However, the report also
illustrates that some Member States are lagging behind, in terms of
comprehensive laws protecting public health, and enforcement.

More information: - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work