Water Report Helps Utilities Conserve Energy And Decrease Emissions

The latest report from the Water Research Foundation (WaterRF) measures energy
use and greenhouse gas emissions produced by water utilities.

The Toolbox for Water Utility Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Management is
a new report from WaterRF and is focused on helping water utility companies
conserve water and energy, while also reducing the amount of greenhouse
emissions. The report analyzes the processes and products that water utilities
use, allowing for companies to explore the possibilities of conservation.

"Energy management and GHG accounting tools are proliferating. However, because
they are typically developed in response to differing location and
sector-specific needs, no universally-accepted methodologies that support the
unique needs of the water sector currently exist. It was critical to assess the
applicability of existing tools and develop an energy and GHG toolbox that the
water industry can utilize effectively on a global scale," said Robert Renner,
executive director of WaterRF.

The report also recommends other methodologies that can be used to reduce
greenhouse gas emissions and increase the efficiency of water utilities.

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