New Web page outlines safety precautions to toluene exposure

US-American Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) present a new
Toluene Safety and Health Topics Page that provides resources to educate
employers and workers about the health hazards associated with toluene and how
to prevent them. Toluene, a colorless liquid typically used in a mixture with
other solvents and chemicals such as paint pigments, can cause serious health
problems in workers who are exposed to it.

Toluene exposures have been studied in nail salons and printing establishments,
auto repair, and construction activities. Workers can be exposed to toluene by
breathing it in, getting it on their skin, getting it splashed into their eyes,
or swallowing it. Toluene affects the central nervous system, eyes, skin,
respiratory system, liver, kidneys. OSHA's toluene Web page contains
information on health hazards and protective measures, occupational exposure
limits, OSHA standards, risk assessment and other resources.

More info - Source: Occupational Safety and Health Administration