Stress at work - eLearning tool for managers

Given increasingly limited staff resources and rising intensification of work,
high demands are placed on managers to tackle stress for their employees and
themselves. Many managers are faced with pressure from all sides: They need to
meet targets and justify the results achieved to their own superiors. At the
same time, they are required to protect their staff from excessive stress. On
top of this, they need to stay healthy and efficient themselves. Not an easy

The psyGA project provides organisations of any size and industry practical
support with a variety of tools and materials offers practical support in the
form of different materials and tools for companies of any size in all
industries. The mental health promotion eLearning tool for managers is a new
service. It provides easy to understand suggestions explaining how managers can
protect their employees from excessive stress and stay healthy themselves . It
sensitises superiors for perceiving stress signals and provides support for
appropriate dealing with over-stressed employees. In addition, managers receive
suggestions for dealing differently with own stress factors.

The eLearning tool requires between 45 and 75 minutes - with or without three

More information - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work