Practical advice on how to improve safety for young workers

Young people are vulnerable in the workplace. They need special attention and
care and their first experience of engagement at work is vital for creating
lasting safety awareness.

An article by 'Personal protective equipment' ( stresses the importance
of these considerations when developing safety policies.

Due to their lack of experience of the workplace and the tendency of young
people to be reticent about speaking up regarding risks, it is incumbent on
business owners and managers to take the lead with young workers when it comes
to instilling a positive and inclusive safety culture in the workplace that
takes account of the particular vulnerabilities of young workers.

From first induction, through training and development, young workers need
support from managers and supervisors so that they can adjust to the pace and
dangers of the workplace. This calls for leadership from senior people in an
organisation in terms of the allocation of appropriate resources as well as
direct involvement in support of young workers.

Real and lasting management engagement with workers needs to be initiated and
led by management. By paying special attention to young workers they are kept
safer and are given a positive view of occupational health and safety.

The article suggests key practical steps that can help to improve young
workers' safety and health.

More info - Source: Personal protective equipment