Nanomaterials and workplace health and safety

Many workers are exposed to a range of particles present on a nanometric scale.
The European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) has published a body of information
on nanotechnologies over the years. This new booklet on the production and use
of nanomaterials in workplaces is a new addition. Nanomaterials are coming onto
the market in a widening range of uses at a dizzying pace, but the impact on
society is going largely undiscussed and the European regulatory framework is
unadapted to these microscopic-scale materials. What we know of the risks
involved for those who make or use them is very patchy. Animal studies are
sending out warning signals about the toxicity of some of them.

This book sets out to give a better understanding of how nanomaterials impact
on workers' health, suggest improvements to the legislative framework; and
propose practical ways for trade unions and occupa­tional health professionals
to ensure better prevention right now and implement health surveillance for
exposed workers.

More info - Source: European Trade Union Institute