Nail Gun Safety

Nail guns are used every day on many construction jobs. They boost productivity
but also cause tens of thousands of serious injuries each year. Nail gun
injuries are common - one study found that 2 out of 5 residential carpenter
apprentices experienced a nail gun injury over a four-year period. Injuries
resulting from use of nail guns hospitalize more construction workers than any
other tool-related injury. When they do occur, these injuries are often not
reported or given proper medical treatment. Research has identified that the
risk of a nail gun injury is twice as high when using a multi-shot contact
trigger as when using a single-shot sequential trigger nailer.

A new guide, also available as an e-publication in English and Spanish, can be
downloaded to smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, as well as on
desktop and laptop computers.

More info - Source: Occupational Safety and Health Administration