Parking Lots - Fall Prevention

Parking lots are a special adjunct to many workplaces. Even though you may not
be conducting your job there (unless you are a parking attendant or maintenance
worker), there is still a possibility that you can be injured. Besides the risk
of violence, the major risk includes falls resulting from slips and trips.

A smooth, even, flat surface is ideal for walking because it reduces the
likelihood of twisted ankles or loss of balance which can lead to falls and
other painful mishaps. In fact, guidelines require that parking areas be level
and even, with cracks, holes and lumps not exceeding 1 cm.

However, heavy use by both pedestrians and vehicle traffic both cause a parking
surface to deteriorate.

Leaks and spills of engine oil or antifreeze, which commonly occur wherever
cars are parked, can further add to risks of slips and falls.

In outdoor parking lots, severe weather conditions additionally aggravate even
slight damage to the parking surface. As a consequence the risk for falls due
to slips and trips is relatively high in this environment.

Falls can be prevented through a number of steps:

  • good lighting

  • good housekeeping

  • good quality walking surface in the parking area

  • appropriate walking pace: walk, don't run

  • paying attention to where you are going

  • selection of proper footwear

And good housekeeping is essential:

  • cleaning all spills and oily spots immediately

  • marking oily or icy spots and wet areas

  • clearing ice or snow as soon as possible

  • removing clutter, debris and any obstacles from walkways

Further Information - Source: Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety