New Web Page for Poultry Processing Workers

Many poultry processing jobs involve factors that increase the risk of
developing work-related injuries or illness. These factors include risks for
musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, and include
repetition, force, awkward and static postures. Exposures to disinfectant
chemicals or chemical byproducts have been known to cause respiratory
irritation and asthma. Spices, flour, and coatings have been linked to
bronchitis, cough, and allergic reactions. Cold temperatures have been
associated with increased injuries as well as musculoskeletal disorders.
Infectious agents, such as bacteria, have caused increased rates of diarrheal
diseases and other skin infections.

A new topic page focused on research and recommendations to prevent
work-related injury and illness among poultry processing workers is now
available. The page provides resources to help employers and workers identify
risk factors and take effective measures to prevent work-related injuries and
illnesses in poultry processing.

More information - Source: Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety