When stress strikes

Work-related stress is not an individual fault, but an organisational issue. It
is one of the most important outcomes of a poor psychosocial work environment.
Psychosocial risks arise from poor work design, organisation and management, as
well as a poor social context of work. They may result in negative
psychological, physical and social outcomes.

'When stress strikes' is the latest Napo film that can be used as an
unconventional tool to raise awareness on psychosocial risks in the workplace,
such as excessive demands, low control, constant pressure, unacceptable
behaviour, lack of respect, change, bad planning and contradictory instructions.

Stress prevention is a must for a healthy workplace and Napo illustrates this
with a good dose of his inimitable humour. As in all films in the series, Napo
drives attention to workplace dangers and triggers reflections for improvement.

More information - Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work