Poor mental health environments

A new study, presented by the National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA),
shows: Young workers in particular are no longer prepared to keep fronting up
to workplaces that don't look after mental health.

Forty-five per cent of workers left their jobs because their workplaces had
poor mental health environments, says a new survey from Instinct and Reason.

A random sample of 1025 employees aged from 20 years to over 50 years was
selected from a cross-section of industry to participate in the survey.

Significant proportions of all age groups said they left their jobs because of
their workplaces' poor mental health support, but it was a greater motivator
for younger workers to leave. Fifty-three per cent of workers aged less than 30
years left, compared to 26 per cent of workers aged over 60 years.

"This means that while a mentally healthy workplace is important in attracting
and retaining staff today, it will be even more important in the future as
younger workers move through the workforce," the survey says.

More info - Source: National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA)