Preventing Worker Injuries and Deaths from Backing Construction Vehicles and Equipment at Roadway Construction Worksites

Workers on roadway construction worksites are exposed to possible injury and
death from moving construction vehicles and equipment.

The US-American National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
recommends that specific procedures and controls be in place at roadway
construction worksites to help prevent injuries and deaths from backing
construction vehicles and equipment.

The suggest Standard Operating Procedures like

Develop, implement, and enforce standard operating procedures that address
worker safety and minimize work to be performed near vehicles and equipment.

Use equipment designed to minimize blind areas and equipment with proximity
warning systems.

Establish safe work practices for night work and backing equipment, requiring
high visibility apparel.

Design worksites to minimize backing vehicles and equipment.

Provide adequate oversight and supervision by a competent person.

Ensure that drivers only back under the direction of a spotter.

Ensure daily communication between the prime and subcontractors to discuss any
changes or revisions in construction traffic flow.

Channel construction vehicles and equipment away from workers using visual
safety devices (retro reflective barrels, delineators, portable barricades,

Install signs to guide workers on foot with respect to traffic areas, vehicle
flow, and worker-free zones.

Furthermore the puclications informs about

Equipment Operation and Servicing

Vehicle and Equipment Operators



More information: - Source: Centre for Occupational Health and Safety