Europe at a crossroads. Which way to quality jobs and prosperity?

To build a Europe of jobs and sustainable prosperity is the project of
fundamental concern within the world of labour. In order to achieve more social
cohesion and better jobs, the European Union must be set firmly on the road to
a genuine process of reconstruction.

After so much emphasis on the ills perpetrated by austerity policies over the
last few years, it is high time now to focus on the core issue of employment
and to devise a new way forward that will enable us to tackle the challenges of
unemployment, segmentation of labour markets, precarious work, mobility,
training, employment of older workers, or psycho-social risks in the workplace.
How can we build a true European economic democracy that will strengthen social
dialogue and the information, consultation and participation of workers in
economic life? What steps can be taken to prevent social dumping?

These crucial issues were the focus of a major conference held under the joint
auspices of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and the European
Trade Union Institute (ETUI).

Attending the debates were igures from academia, politics and the trade unions
known for their expertise in the area of employment-friendly growth. The
discussion topics were introduced by high-level international speakers. All
participants were invited to contribute to this reconstruction of Europe based
on topics such as investment and industrial innovation for a just transition,
quality jobs, improved working conditions, and cohesion and European prosperity

EU-OSHA gave an insight to its activities on the prevention of work-related
disease and on the cost of work-related ill-health. Work-related diseases and
accidents at work are estimated to cause costs of up to 4% of national GDPs and
the major part of this cost is borne by workers.

More infos: - Source: European Trade Union Institute